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Over the years I've had the opportunity to mentor many Young Women.  Many of them had struggled with, anxiety, depression, homelessness, suicidal thoughts or self-harm as well as had experienced physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.  

  It is one of my biggest passions to help empower young women to fully love who they are and to help them come into their full Spiritual Power.  Teaching young ladies to set healthy boundaries is very important.  What is beautiful is that the women I worked with, were so strong, they were able to overcome their struggles with the Grace of God and the Power of their own Higher-Self.  Self-Love and knowing your worth is  protection.

This group of Divine Feminine Souls were drawn to the dark healing stones such as; Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian,  Smoky Quartz or the Master Healer Clear Quartz.  They were also drawn to the multi-colored stones like, Rainbow Titanium, Ora Peacock, Cobalt, Amethyst, and any other multi colored, purple colored stone.  Many were attracted to the Dragon Collective, the Occult, the paranormal or anything that was connected to the mystical. 

Many of these young Divine Feminine Collective Souls were incredibility artistic. Many were great drawers, painters, designers, photographers, singers, dancers, actors or had a natural talent for creating their own music or writing their own songs. 


Many times, when these sensitive Children & Youth are experiencing anxiety or racing lower thoughts or feeling lower energy, they are simply picking up on the energy that is around them, the collective consciousness as well as what is happening to Mother Earth. Many, if not all, are telepathic and have the ability to hear connective thoughts of other beings.

 Like energetic sponges, they can energetically absorb any dysfunctional energy surrounding them. They can even sense energy from a distance, especially with those energetically connected to them. They can feel a family member or friend energetically, even though they are far away from.  That is why psychic protection and setting energetic boundaries is super important for these sensitive Children & Youth.  

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