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My Journey...

Welcome Royal Angels, Starseeds, Guardians, Gods & Goddesses... my name is Archeia Spade and I am an Oracle Goddess. 

I am you... and you are me... and we are all Sparks of the same Stardust called Crystalline God Consciousness.  Limitless, timeless, priceless... Christ Beings, who came here to create Heaven on Earth.


As an Oracle, I have the gift of delivering Intuitive messages from our Creator God, Great Spirit, your Spiritual Team as well as your own Higher-Self. 


 I offer support and Spiritual Guidance to all those on their Awakening Journey to Self-Love, Empowerment and full embodiment of their God Self.  Most importantly, I support Parents, Caregivers, Educators & Guardians of all Starseed Children & Youth who are also on their awakening journey.


The truth is that all Children & Youth who have incarnated at this time are Starseed  multidimensional beings.  You may have heard of the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Diamond and now

Golden Star Children!!!


I speak about these New Earth Children & Youth in more detail. The content is being created so please have patience.  This site, will have many tools and resources.  

I've been on this journey for a bit, however time isn't real so it really doesn't matter.

I've always been a bit unorthodox and fascinated with the unseen as well as Spirituality.  Oracle & Tarot Cards, Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, the Metaphysical, Energy Healing as well as Psychic abilities.

In my early 20's I would visit my local town psychic, and she would always tell me that I had the gift of intuition.  She would tell me to wear amethyst earrings because I was too sensitive to the energies around me.  She practiced traditional Tarot and taught me how to properly cleanse my living space with Candles & Sage.  

However, because of life and the beliefs of the people around me, I didn't fully allow myself to embrace my gifts. It wasn't until 2013, when things started to get real.  With the increased physical pain in my body and tiredness I had no other choice but to awaken.


I stopped trying to control everything.  I decided to let go and let God.  It came to my awareness that my Spiritual Team had been around me for quite some time trying to get a hold of me.  Like a game of telephone, the ringing in the ears became increasingly louder along with all the other paranormal activities going on in my apartment.

Prior to this, I had been seeing Angel Numbers, had been feeling my angels around me as well as loved ones who had passed, sometimes I would smell their scent.  The cat in my apartment was seeing all kinds of things.  My friend at the time would find Orbs within the photos she took inside my apartment.


Spiritual Books would fly off the shelf, I would read any book my angels pinned me on. 

One day, a "Gabrielle Bernstein" book flew out of the shelf at Chapters, I just knew I had to read it... and I did,  I read the whole thing.  The best part of the book was when she said, "Write the words... Dear God, I surrender.  Where do I go...?, What do I do...?, and Where would you have me go...?" , and I did just that. 


After that, everything began to change.  God and my Angel Team began connecting me with the right Healers and Spiritual Mentors who were aligned for my highest good.  Of course not everything was easy.  As many of you know, the Awakening Journey can be a roller coaster of wild experiences.  Of course, it is through experience, our Soul Evolves and gains wisdom.  There are no mistakes, only lessons and then lessons turn into blessings.

The truth of the matter is that everyone has Psychic and Intuitive abilities and everyone is here for a Divine Purpose.  It's all a matter of slowing down, letting go and listening to your heart.  One must connect to their Divine Intelligence, which really and truly is their Heart Intelligence.  The Heart & Eyes are the Seat to the Soul.  Your Soul is your true self, your Higher-Self, Authentic & Beautiful, your own unique God Spark.

My Experience

 Since 2011, I've been a Child & Youth Care Worker. Throughout the years I have worked with all ages including: Infants, Toddlers, Children, Teenagers and Young Adults.   My experience has included working within: Non-Profit Organizations, Autism Units, Special Needs Programs, Youth Outreach Programs, Community Programs for Children & Youth, a Young Women's Shelter, Public & Private Schools (Elementary Schools & High-Schools), Montessori Schools as well as Mental Health Care Centre's.

With that being said, I have worked with a wide range of children & youth whose life experiences are all very unique as they all come from very different living environments and cultural backgrounds.  Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Health is incredibly important, Self-Love, being able to expressive one's feelings, and setting healthy energetic boundaries is very important for all these young Souls or I should say Old Souls.

I've had the opportunity to learn so much from these highly sensitive advanced, Starseed Children & Youth, their psychic gifts, as well as their abilities to energetically transmute lower frequencies.  All children & youth bring in a lot of New Earth DNA Codes for humanity, however, many are still under the veil and have not fully awakened to their true Spiritual & Psychic Gifts.

As an Oracle Goddess...     I combine my Intuitive Psychic Gifts, with my experience as a

Child & Youth Care Worker, creating a bridge between the practical "real world"

and the Spiritual. 

Specializing In...

Self-Love Guidance

Embodiment of the Higher-Self


Energetic Boundaries & Self-Care

Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Energetic Healing

Crystal Energy Healing

Angelic & Galactic Guidance 

Soul Mission Mentorship

A Channel for the Galactic Federation of Light 

A Voice for all New Earth Starseed Children & Youth

Guardian Mentorship for all who take care of New Earth Starseeds

Environmental Energetic Clearing

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