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Intuitive Guidance & Mentorship Sessions

Currently, there are 3 sessions being offered. 


The first session is for anyone who wishes to have an Intuitive Mentorship Session.  Each session is personally tailored for each individual.  These sessions are transformative and multidimensional.  I can incorporate both Tarot & Oracle Cards or none at all.  Sessions may be in regards to the Awakening Journey, Soul Mission, Spiritual Gifts or

Self-Love Techniques.

The second session is tailored for Guardians, Parents or anyone who is currently working or taking care of children or youth.  Once again I can incorporate both Tarot & Oracle Cards or none at all.  This session includes information regarding the Spiritual Gifts, Soul Mission and Self-Love Techniques of the Guardian, Child or Youth. 

The third session, incorporates the Art of Feng Shui. Feng Shui can be beneficial for all.  Decorating, cleaning and creating an overall beautiful environment that is of perfect synergy allows all to feel more joyful, healthy and at peace. This is a 2 part session. The 1st session is a discussion regarding the "Living Space" and what the individual would like tips on, whether that be, color for walls, where to place furniture, what elements to bring into a room.  For example, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth or Mental.  The 2nd session includes a... (Feng Shui Draw Plan) and discussion of what the individual can do with their living space.  The 2 part sessions are usually about a week apart, due to the fact that it will take me about a week to create the drawing. 


Please let me know what your date of birth is including... Month, Day & Year. 

Love you!!! 

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