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Welcome to the Great Awakening and

welcome to my website.  Happy New Year!!!  According to the 13 month Julian calendar...  April 1st marks the beginning of the New Year. 

Love it!!!

2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon

and with that being said, it is the year humanity, takes back their God given Power.  WE are Gods & Goddesses with God, Mother Earth & Father Sky, the yin & the yang in Unity, aka Balanced Harmonics, aka Heaven on Earth... we truly are returning to the Garden of Eden.

... and no, I am not religious and I am not new age.  I actually don't even know what new age means... but what I do know is that God lives inside all of us... and all of humanity is to reclaim their God given Spark, their God DNA or in other words, their Soul's Blueprint. 

Some may call it their, "Soul's Galactic Blueprint", "Higher-Self", "Christ-Self" meaning "Christ Consciousness" or "God-Self".

Every being on this planet plays a special part in this Great Awakening to New Earth and every being has a unique Soul's purpose or what I would like to call it... a unique "Soul Mission".  We are all Sparks of the same Universal God Source and let me tell you God makes no mistakes.  Everything is Divinely Timed with perfect precision.   The more we know, the more we don't know.  This is "love in the unknown".  This journey involves full trust & full surrender. 

All I know, is that the more we raise our vibration, the more we raise the frequency of all of creation, and no, this is not some weird new age concept.... it is the reality of "evolution".  We are evolving into wholeness, peace within & unconditional love frequencies.  It is written within the stars, everything within Divine Timing and we cannot rush the process.

We are at the end game, the end game of tearing down all old systems that were not based in love.  We are returning to our natural organic state of Balanced Harmonics.  The highest timeline of "love everywhere present" or better yet, the "present moment of now".  Our energetic bodies are connecting to the Earth's grids as we speak and the Sun is

awakening our dormant DNA.


Love, Joy, Prosperity, Authenticity, Co-Creation & Unity are elements of our true essence, our true organic Blueprint and our Souls Essence.  Freedom is our Birthright.  WE truly are limitless beings who have the power to create harmony and beauty on this beautiful planet called "Mother Earth".

We are FREE!!!  God is FREE!!!  WE are all GODS with GOD!!!


Earth is Our Soul Mother's Heart...

I love it!!!  Time to open our HEARTS and build NEW EARTH!!!

Where we go One, We go All!!!

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